Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Broadcast on Tuesday, October 11th.
Sounds coming from WUSB 90.1 for the past 30-odd years, I was responsible for 2:30-5:00pm.

1) Ben Folds Five (The Unauthorized Biography of Renhold Messner) Don't Change Your Plans
2) Boards of Canada (Geogaddi) 1969
3) Friends of Dean Martinez (Lost Horizon) Somewhere Over the Waves
4) The Brian Jonestown Massacre (We are the Radio) Seer
5) The Melismatics (Turn it On) Waves of Sound
6) Sufjan Stevens (Illnois) Jacksonville
7) Amon Tobin (Supermodified) Chocolate Lovely
8) Calla (Collisions) Stumble
9) Mr. Bungle (Mr. Bungle) Carousel
10) Oval (Diskont 94) Shop in Store
11) Broadcast (Tender Buttons) Tender Buttons
12) Madagascar (Forced March) When the Telegram Arrived that she was Dying
13) Wolf Parade (Wolf Parade) Shine a Light
14) The Flaming LLips (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots) Do You Realize?
15) Swell Maps (Jane From Occupied Europe) Helicopter Spies
16) Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) Fingerbib
17) o9 (Church of the Ghetto PC) Red
18) !!! (Louden Up Now) Me and Giulani Down by the Schoolyard (a true story)
19) Autechre (Draft 7.30) V-Proc
20) COH (Iron) Waltz Nuevo No. 2
21) Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Master EP) Miles Away
22) Yo La Tengo (And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out) Cherry Chapstick
23) Tortoise and the Ex (In the Fishtank EP) The Law of the Limp
24) The Dandy Warhols (13 Tales from Urban Bohemia) Bohemian Like You
25) Sonic Youth (Sonic Nurse) Peace Attack
26) Primal Scream (XTRMNTR) Bloodmoney
27) Antonio Carlos Jobim (Wave) The Red Blouse
28) Rechnzentrum (Director's Cut) Projektor
29) SND [Various Clicks and Cuts 2 (Disc 1)] Circa 1666

Remember, you can webstream this live or until the next show @http://wusb.fm/program/prog-list.shtml#Tu_1430


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