Thursday, November 17, 2005

November 1st, 2005, 2:30-5:00. Extremely pleased with this particular Broadcast. Stony Brook, WUSB 90.1

1} Farben {Textstar} Love Oh Love
2} Beck {Odelay} Where its at
3} Adult {Gimme Trouble} Gimme Trouble
4} Depeche Mode {Playing the Angel} Precious
5} The International Noise Conspiracy {Armed Love} A Small Demand
6} Amusement Parks On Fire {S/T} Local Boy Makes God
7} Nobukazu Takemura {Scope} Icefall
8} The Avalanches {Since I Left You} Radio
9} Grandaddy {Todd Zilla} At my Post
10} Wagon Christ {Musipal} Receiver
11} Yume Bitsu {Auspicious Wind} Sharp, Twisted
12} Philip Glass {Koyaanisqatsi} The Grid
13} Modern Jazz Quartet {Lonely Woman} Animal Dance
14} Cabaret Voltaire {The Living Legends} Silent Command
15} Boards of Canada {Music has the Right to Children} Turquoise Hexagon Sun
16} Mouse On Mars {Autoditacker} Sehnsud
17} The Apples in Stereo {Discovery of a World Inside} Alright Not Quite
18} Bjork {Music from Drawing Restraint} Bath
19} Radiohead {The Bends} Nice Dream
20} Max Tundra {Mastered By the Guy at the Exchange} Labial
21} Oval {Wohnton} Deft
22} Tortoise {TNT} TNT
23} Telefon Tel Aviv {Fairheit Fair Enough} Fairheit Fair Enough
24} Future Sound of London {Lifeforms} Flak


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