Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some happy feedback from this show. Thank you for you calls. Broadcast from Tuesday, November 8th, 2:30-5:00pm.

1~Deerhoof "Reveille" This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
2~Deerhoof "The Runners Four" Scream Team
3~Pixies "Sell Out 2004 Reunion Tour" Velouria
4~Her Space Holiday "The Past Presents the Future" Self Helpless
5~Royksopp "The Understanding" Triumphant
6~Interpol "Six Feet Under: Everything Ends" Direction
7~OF Montreal "The Gay Parade" Jaques Lamure
8~Volcano the Bear "The One Burned Ma" Arc Felt
9~The Recital "Colour Up" The Head Rhythm
10~Mouse On Mars "Niun Niggung" Yippie
11~Pavement "Westing" She Believes
12~Mission of Burma "Vs." Einstein's Day
13~Solex "Pick Up" Randy Costanze
14~Mu-ziq "Lunatic Harness" Catkin and Teasel
15~Tim Hecker "Radio Amor" Song of the Highwire Shrimper
16~Mum Finally We are No One" Don't be afraid, you have just got your eyes closed
17~The Firery Furnaces "Rehearsing My Choir" Rehearsing My Choir
18~Farmers Manual "FSCK" Track 11
19~Himuro "Mild Fantasy Violence" My Beats Your Beats
20~Miles Davis "The Birth of the Cool" Moon Dreams
21~Joao Gilberto "The Original Bossa Nova Recordings" Coisa Mais Linda
22~Slowdive "Pygmalion" Watch Me
23~ Bogdan Raczynski "My Love I Love" I Love You
24~Curd Duca "Elevator 2" Carr
25~Bochum Welt "Les Dances D'ete" La Pensee
26~Stereolab "Peng" Origiastic
27~ Gastr Del Sol "Upgrade and Afterlife" Dry Bone in the Valley [I Saw the Light Coming roud and round]
28~Squarepusher "Hard Normal Daddy" Fat Controloler
29~Tarwater "Dwellers" Diver
30~Lambchop "Is a Woman" Bugs
31~UNKLE "Psycence Fiction" Unkle [Main Title Theme]


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