Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Written during Broadcast on December 6, 2005 on WUSB 90.1.

1) Rodan (Rusty) The Everyday Lives of Bodies
2) Animal Collective (Feels) Flesh Canoe
3) Donna Regina (Slow Killer) How Beautiful
4) Cat-a-Tac (Cat-a-Tac) Pills
5) Ghislain Poirer (Breakupdown) Don't Smile, It's Post Modern
6) Kid 606 (Resilience) Banana Peel
7) Jose Gonzalez (Veneer) Slow Moves
8) Toad the Wet Sprocket (Fear) All I Want
9) Bell Orchestra (Recording a Tape The Colour of the Light) Nuero
10) Gravenhurst (Fires in Distant Buildings) The Velvet Cell Reprise
11) Pilotdrift (Water Sphere) Bubblecraft
12) Air (Talkie Walkie) Biological
13) Shellac (1000 hurts) Shoe Song
14) Emotional Joystick (Plays!) Can We Rap
15) Nobody (And Everything Else) Poor Angular Fellow
16) Spot (Spot) Oh What a Day!
17) The Decemberists (Her Majesty The Decemberists) Los Angleles, I'm Yours
18) The Residents (Not Available) Edweena
19) Caribou (The Milk of Human Kindness) Brahminy Kite
20) Chapterhouse (Whirlpool) Breather
21) Marine Girls (Lazy Ways/Beach Party) Love to Know
22) Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Yanqui U.X.O) Motherfucker=Redeemer


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