Monday, January 23, 2006

New Time Slot: Alternating Monday from 2:30-5:00pm. Enjoy and keep the volume low.
WUSB 90.1's music on Monday, January 23rd at the time listed above:

1. Tortoise (Millions Now Living Will Never Die) Djed
2. Mouse On Mars (Live 04) Actionist Respoke
3. Mr. Oizo (Moustache {Half a Scissor} ) (ee)
4. The Smiths (Hatful of Hollow) How Soon is Now?
5. Squarepusher (Hard Normal Daddy) Bleep Street
6. Proem (Negative) Long Distance Tiara
7. Deerhoof (The Man, the King and the Girl) Polly Bee
8. Yoko Solo (The Beeps) The alarm (9ooo)
9. Test Shot Starfish (Test Shot Starfish) Sort of
10. Mu-ziq (Lunatic Harness) Hasty Boom Alert
11. Of Montreal (The Gay Parade) A collection of Poems about Water
12. Black Dice (Smiling Offf) Smiling Offf (Luomo Remix) [Terrible Song]
13. Nick Drake (Pink Moon) Things Behind the Sun
14. Film School (Film Schoo) On & On
15. Bell Orchestra (Recording a tape the Colour of the Light) the upwards march
16. Mike Boo ( Dunhill Drone Committee) Curdled
17. Gastr De Sol (Upgrade and Afterlife) Dry Bones in the Valley
18. Autechre (Tri Repetae) {Disc 2} Garbagemx36
19. Pavement (Westing) Forklift
20. The Doors (L.A. Woman) Riders on the Storm
21. Jega (Spectrum) Red Mullet
22. Delarosa and Asora (Agony) Swipe Width
23. Slowdive (Souvlaki) Some Velvet Morning
24. Tarwater (Dwellers) 1985


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